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Real Estate Investment Spreadsheets

Calculations and comparisons can be accomplished accurately and quickly with spreadsheets and online calculators.

Mastering Microsoft Excel’s financial analysis spreadsheet capabilities can make real estate proforma models very accurate and add enhanced meaning to a sensitivity analysis report.

This can be simplified with a popular software such as Microsoft Excel or Apache OpenOffice. Excel spreadsheets can be designed to calculate interest and returns such as net present value, modified internal rate of return, and internal rate of return that all provide the foundation for many real estate investments.

The spreadsheets and their calculators provided on our website are intended to be extremely accurate, Steps Ventures accept no liability for any losses caused by incorrect calculations.

Spreadsheets and Pro-Formas

OpenOffice and Excel Spreadsheet


This section is dedicated to Excel Spreadsheets for Real Estate Related Investments.

Use these real estate spreadsheet to figure out if a proposed investment property will be profitable or just horrible.

The spreadsheets and calculators are designed specifically for real estate investments and transaction report.

Some of these spreadsheets are basic, and a few are multi-sheet workbook style spreadsheets with a more in-depth analysis.

Investment Calculators



This section is for online calculators specific to Real Estate Calculations.

These are online based and a few have the option for printing out your results but I find the best for printing are spreadsheets. A calculator is good for quick results.

This section also references other helpful online calculators and apps that are available on Android and Apple devices.

The mortgage calculator is a very popular choice for a quick calculations based on current interest rates.

Tip 1
The spreadsheet and calculators can be used for many property types. Commercial properties, multi-family properties, residential and also track multiple properties from one rental spreadsheet.
Tip 2
There are many financial analysis software programs readily available, solving many problems commonly found in real estate investing.  Spreadsheets are the most widely used.
Tip 3
The spreadsheet templates are designed to calculate NPV, IRR, and MIRR using Excel. Unlike standard Calculators, Excel and OpenOffice allow an investor to print out their figures and calculations.
Tip 4
Building an accurate and easily understood real estate proforma is an extremely crucial first step in every real estate investment and real estate analysis.

Mortgage debt and cash flow calculations are all important for an investor to make sure a property is going to provide the income needed, on a month to month or year over year basis. A brief analysis on the rent payments vs the outgoing expenses and deferred maintenance credit can save you from taking a loss before you invest any of your time and money.