Real Estate Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet Templates

Real Estate Investment Spreadsheet

Very simple real estate investment spreadsheet for Excel and OpenOffice.

Rental Property Spreadsheet Template

Use the Real Estate Holdings spreadsheet to summarize all your assets, debts and liabilities.

Real Estate Investment Analysis Spreadsheet

The Property Analyzer is a spreadsheet used to evaluate a property’s cashflow characteristics.

Real Estate Excel Templates

Simple templates for excel real estate spreadsheets.

Real Estate Amortization Schedule

If you want a spreadsheet for creating an amortization schedule for a loan or mortgage, this one will do perfect.

A spreadsheet is a data file comprised of rows and columns that are commonly used to sort information and allow the user to control and organize (typically numerical) data quickly. What makes a spreadsheet software program unique is its capability to determine values making use of mathematical solutions and the data in cells. A beautiful example of how a spreadsheet might be used is producing an overview of your bank’s balance. Below is a primary example of exactly what a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet looks like as well as all the significant parts of a spreadsheet’s columns and rows highlighted.

Besides performing standard arithmetic and mathematical functions, modern spreadsheets offer integrated functions for typical financial and analytical operations. Such computations as net present value or primary deviation can be put on tabular information with a pre-programmed function in a formula. Spreadsheet programs also offer conditional expressions, works to transform in between text and numbers, and operates that operate on strings of text.

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